Hot Spring located in the Hai District (Bomang’ombe, Rundugai) in Kilimanjaro region. It is just 15 Kilometres from the Bomang’ombe bus station. It is hidden place which have not discovered by many tourism company. The area is very attractive with water coming from the ground which gives the visitors chance to swim and enjoy the place. Steppe Dogs Adventures specialists are here to take you there and enjoy the place.




 Machame is the land of Chagga people located north of Arusha-Moshi road. It is the place of beautiful and great valleys, deep gorges, waterfalls and farms. Visit the land of Kilimanjaro to learn more about Chagga tribe.

With Steppe Dogs Adventures specialists you can explore this amazing land, a warm welcome in a local Chagga household, Hikes through dense natural forests and farms for the acclimatization along fast flowing streams before climbing the mountain.

There are three different views of snow-capped of Mount Kilimanjaro, where local ancient Chagga legends recount tales of an iron hut that brought them strength.
Also you can visit several projects found in this area such as traditional irrigation, a forestation, cross breeding, bee keeping, local coffee productions, schools, health centre, food processing and much more.

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Marangu situated on the slope of Mount Kilimanjaro. The area has a wonderful natural and cultural heritage site offered to the visitors. In this area there are also about seven waterfalls in the vicinity unique flora with tree, flower and fruit nurseries and fauna. Walk to the slope of Mount Kilimanjaro and ascend to the beautiful view point.
While at Marangu you can visit the home and memorial of the late Yohana Lauwo, this is the native from Marangu who accompanied Dr. Hans Meyer to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro and become the first persons to climb the Kili in 1889 and also you can read the original log books of Lauwo.

With Steppe Dogs Adventures specialists you can spend half day or full day or walking safari at Marangu. These include The Live Chagga Museum, Kinukamori, Moonjo waterfalls, and caves and also you can visit the first coffee tree planted in Tanzania and climb up to the Ngangu Hills. A trip to the African Art centre which houses a collection of ancient and modern sculptures, carvings and paintings is rewarding.

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