East African countries belong to the poorest in the world. In spite of that the interest to make money sometimes overrules the interest of the welfare of the people, even of those under ones protection. Scarcely any company takes care of the social security of its employees. Low wages, extended working hours without payment, hire and fire practices, bad accommodation, inadequate food during safari and working without contract are a daily occurrence and are treated as normal.
We do not take part in it!

For us at Steppe Dogs Adventures social acceptability is not only a word. It is of importance to us to ensure the social security of our employees. Our common standards include health insurance and observance of working hours.

In addition we insist on proper accommodation and food during safari for our driver guides. However, still we find ourselves mostly alone with these practices.
But: constant dripping wears away the stone – a beginning has been made!

The standard of hotels and tents offered by us is good to very good.
Possibilities range from tents to luxury accommodation – according to your very own taste!
Clean rooms are the basis for the cooperation with our partners.
Should there be any reason for complaints please contact your driver guide immediately.
East Africa offers a variety of rich vegetables, which also have found their way to Europe and America. Daily changing menus with lots of fruits and vegetables are common, but also with meat dishes. „Nyama Choma“(hot pork meat) is one of the region’s most favourite dishes.
You will have trouble to withstand the wonderful salads. The decision is yours!

Many East African areas have a good network; however, there are some areas without network access. Please make sure with your provider that your mobile phone works properly in East Africa. There are local providers which have network coverage over wide areas. SIM cards are accessible at airports, “airtime” (talk time) in almost every village.
Some hotels offer wireless network and internet access. Please ask us – we know every network gap!

Many people travel to Africa because of its rich wildlife. Only that snakes, lizards and spiders mostly do not belong to the favourite animals, but they are there. As a guest, do you need to have fear of these creatures?
Treat nature with respect and you will be treated with respect.
Human beings are part of nature, not aliens in it. Certainly many of our contemporaries have lost their instinct. In the bush it needs to be reactivated. A snake does not bite just because it is there. Quite the contrary: she will try to escape when a human being is approaching. If people are bitten it’s mostly those who are trying to catch them.
Be careful but calm. Give the animal a chance to escape.
Should you really see a snake (very unusual) keep your distance.
Most likely you won’t have the luck to see a snake or a scorpion.

Most of the employees in tourism do not live from their salary but from your tipping. Chambermaids, waiters and local guides honor a “satisfaction gratuity”. Everyone who does something in addition to normal service for your wellbeing, expects a small tip.
In return you receive a lot of service in East Africa.
In addition we recommend to tip your driver guide with 10 USD per day and person.
Of course the amount of tip is completely at your free choice.

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