An important condition while travelling: you should be healthy and lively!
You will get information regarding infection protection and vaccinations in your home country, in tropical institutes as well as at a travel- medicine experienced doctor. Before starting your travel, please inform yourself about mandatory or recommended vaccinations for entry.

Yellow fever

Tanzanian authorities require a certified and valid yellow fever vaccination when entering from a potentially epidemic country (such as the neighbour country Kenya). A yellow fever vaccination must be received latest 10 days before starting the travel. The certificate of vaccination must always be carried along. As Zanzibar requires the yellow fever vaccination in general, we recommend in any case doing the vaccination and carrying the yellow fever passport always with you.

Malaria prophylaxis

Please get advice from a tropical institute or from a doctor with travel experience regarding malaria prophylaxis.


Before starting your travel there is the possibility to sign an additional contract with the “Flying-Doctors”, which guarantees your professional medical care also in very remote areas. Please contact us.

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